This page is a quick synopsis of what I’m currently working on.

I’ve always been curious and inspired by human behavior and what influences that behavior. I fuel this fascination with my work in online lead generation for clients, but probably began in earnest during my time in the Air Force and later as a contractor working in counterintelligence.

This concept drives my favorite work projects.

I own and operate a digital agency - Kaleidico. We design websites and campaigns that generate sales leads for mortgage lenders, insurance agencies, and law firms. My goal with Kaleidico is to transform it into a Hollywood-style agency to do this unique and multi-disciplinary work.

I am rebooting my blogging at My goal is to share strategies and tactics that turn online leads into closed deals. Ironically, leads are often easy to generate, but most sales teams are unprepared to work these online inquiries effectively.

Somewhat related to my blogging, I’m actively pursuing opportunities to speak at conferences and on podcasts to share my ideas on selling and working online sales leads.

Either write a new book or a revised edition of my first and only book, Simple SEO for Content Creators. My goal is to create a more strategic body of work to support business development and speaking opportunities.

Outside of work, I spend my time with my family, traveling, and the occasional church planting or growth project.

I’m a big fan of meeting new people and expanding my network one conversation at a time. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself:
(Inspired Derek Sivers and the /now movement)